Monday, 12 October 2015

My Netflix List

It's been a while since my last Netflix list and there has been a lot of new stuff added since then that I've been obsessed with and really enjoyed. To me, there's nothing better than getting into a new series and letting it take over your life. It's probably unhealthy but it's like a nice body butter, you love it whilst you're using it but when it's done and you move onto the next thing (wow deep).

Sing it on // A very recent discovery and I think that it was only added to Netflix last month. If you like Pitch Perfect then this is for you! It follows five college acapella groups as they compete to win the collegian (I think that's right) acapella championships. It features great singing, funky choreo (that's acca speak for choreography) and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Once Upon a Time // In the last two weeks I tried to pick this up again because I saw that the new series had started but it has been a very love/hate relationship. I watched the first two episodes on a plane three years ago and was instantly hooked and a few months later I watched the first two seasons. Then last year I started watching the third series and couldn't get into it very much. But I'm persevering and it's getting better but I totally recommend watching the first series because that's really good.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit // I don't know if I've said how much I love this programme but if I haven't, I seriously love it. I watched the whole thing in a day because it's quite short and sweet but it's so good. Not only has it got one of the best theme tunes of all time but it's really funny and attention grabbing and great. The basic plot is a woman is 'set free' from an underground cult after 15 years and she moves to New York and catches up on life. If you haven't seen it, watch it, please, you won't regret it.

Parks and Recreation // I'd heard all the hype and seen the gifs so when I was in Florida and American Netflix made it on to my laptop I delved into the world of Pawney. It's so great. In a way it reminds me of Friends in the way that every episode has a memorable moment and there are so many great quotes. Who knew that a show about trying to make a pit into a park could be so great. Go on, treat yo' self, give this show a go.

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