Friday, 9 October 2015

Boots Haul!

Another day, another Boots haul. I'm having a major Boots moment at the minute. They keep emailing me telling me how many good deals I have and I downloaded the app and they gave me extra points and it's all a bit much! So don't be surprised if another haul pops up on my blog in the next few weeks. Anyway back to this post. These items were my 'pre uni buys' because they were things that I seriously needed to get in preparation for going back and being too poor to afford nice things again (bit dramatic but you know!). There are some new items but old favourites have slipped in there too so let's get cracking!

It was a very sad day when my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder crumbled into pieces (I think the flight to and from america was a bit too much for it) but I took it as a sign to try out something new. I've heard a lot of good things about the Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder so I took to the plunge and I have to say I'm not going to look back. This powder is the thing that dreams are made of. It keeps my oiliness at bay, doesn't look cake-y and lasts like no ones business. To top it all off as well, it smells like something amazing, I'm not sure what but it's great. My Soap and Glory Solar Powder said a quiet farewell a few weeks ago but it was soon back and raring to go. A few months ago I mentioned how they changed the packaging from cardboard to plastic and I love the change. The mirror is great and the product is the same as ever, my perfect bronzer.

On the body care side of things I decided to pick up the entire Soap and Glory Smoothie Star range. I used it in March last year and when I finished it I was sad but just moved on to using something else. Bold statement coming here but this may be my favourite range of body care. I love the scent and all of the products really do the job. The Whipped Clean shower gel is my fave shower gel of all time. It's so thick, lathers up really well and has THE best smell in the world! The scrub scrubs and the body cream moisturises. I cannot rave about these enough!

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