Thursday, 24 September 2015

University Week: Things to Cook

The uni jitters would not be complete without the fear of possibly not eating until your next trip home, but fear not! I have a few meals that are tasty but easy to make and also some of my must have ingredients that make everything taste amazing!

Lasagne // Absolute staple. So easy to make and so incredibly tasty. Soften an onion, brown off the meat, put in veg of your choice (I use carrots and celery), stir in some chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and then make the creamy sauce. Butter, flour, milk and then assemble. I know some people that put lasagne on the bottom but I go bolognese, sauce, pasta, bolognese, sauce, pasta, cheese and my favourite ingredient in all meals; mixed herbs. I think it gives so much flavour to lots of meals and it's one of my most used things in my cupboard. Back to the lasagne, just put it in the oven for half an hour and then you have a delicious meal. I like it with garlic bread but then again I jump at any excuse to have garlic bread.

Pizza // Put down your Domino's menu and crack out your flour to make THE best pizza in the world (or at least one's pretty good). I think that you should always have pizza ingredients in your stash because you never know when you may get the pizza urge and also they are pretty staple ingredients. Most pizza dough recipes contain yeast but because one day I was lazy and wanted to use things that I had in my cupboard, I found a yeast's recipe that it amazing, click here to see that. I'm pretty boring with my toppings and just go for cheese and tomato puree but pretty much anything that's in your fridge can go on your pizza. Go wild and enjoy!

Pasta // Here we go, typical student food, but there's a reason for that. You can have so many different toppings, for example my friend is all about the pesto pasta which is a deliciously cheap meal (and I'm all about the cheap). One of my fave things to do is soften an onion, staple cupboard food as I always have onions, and add any more veggies you have in. Then top it off with something I always have in, a tin of chopped tomatoes. They add a lot of flavour but all you need to do is open a tin (they're also only 35p for a small tin from Tesco, my supermarket of choice).

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