Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to: Be Morning Ready

This how to is going to be one that I kind of also need to take note of because when it comes to mornings I'm not the best at being 'up and at 'em'. My speed setting is permanently set at slow so I have to wake up extra early to make sure that I get ready in time so I thought I'd give myself some tips on doing easy steps in a morning so that I'm ready but which gives me a little extra time in bed, because I seriously need my beauty sleep.

1. Set a reasonable alarm
It sounds so obvious but when I was in secondary school I used to set my alarm for five to seven so that I could sit and watch TV for twenty minutes. This didn't really work because it just made me feel ten times more tired than if I was to just get out of bed and get dressed straight away. My advice would be to set two alarms, one when you want to actually get up and then a back up one just in case you forget to wake up, because it sometimes happens.

2. Pick products that can do two things at once
Products like this will massively save you time in the morning. For example, in my skincare stash my current toner is a cleanser and toner in one. That means in the morning I can just use this to get any leftover dirt on my face. Doing something like this makes you feel more awake and ready for the day!

3. Quick makeup
'One swipe products' are really handy in early morning situations. If I have enough time then I'll do a full face but on those days when it's too much effort I'll go for the products that require not much effort at all but that do the job. For foundation something like the L'Oreal Infallible Matte will cover anything so concealer isn't really needed. An eyeshadow stick like the Kiko Shadow Sticks are all you need for eyeshadow because with one swipe and a bit of a blend you look like you've spend ages on your face. I like a good lip tint and the Kiko Kiss balm is great for that. Swipe and done!

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