Thursday, 15 October 2015

How to: Strong Brow Game

Now summer has come to an end it's time to bring out those dark, bold brows and I have to say I'm glad they're back. Throughout the spring and summer I was all about the blonde brows to soften everything up but looking at old photos of me with the dark brows I began to miss them! I like the way they look on anyone, especially when they're well shaped and... ahhh so nice. I'm going to share the products I use to achieve my brow look, which you can see in my upcoming everyday makeup routine on Monday, and I'd appreciate any more brow-age recommendations!

I was over the moon a couple of years ago when I got my hands on the Sleek Brow Kit in Dark. It was widely raved about at the time and for only £8 it's a great product. A dupe for the Benefit Brow Zing it has a wax and a powder to great the perfectly sculptured brow. I go in with the wax first to get the shape and darken the hair a bit and then I fill in the rest with powder. The brushes in this set are pretty good and the tweezers are my everyday tweezers and are pretty great. Next let's move onto pencils and as of the other day I became that person who owns the same product that usually is only one colour in multiple colours. The Soap and Glory Brow Archery Pencil in Blondeshell and Hot Chocolate. I've had Blondeshell for nearly a year now and I love the consistency of it but the colour was a bit too light for what I'm wanting. So the other day I went and picked up Hot Chocolate and I am totally in love. It goes on like a dream, the colour is the perfect brown, not too warm not too cool, and I just love it. Last but not least my brow gel of choice is the Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown. I have used the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper but the colour was a little too yellow and the formula was too gloopy. Whereas with the Brow Drama it dispenses the perfect amount of product, is my perfect colour and keeps my brows in place all day. I use this everyday either on its own or over my other products and I'm just in love.

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