Tuesday, 13 October 2015

La Cachette! (Take Seven)

I know, I know, I'm sorry but I have literally not been out to eat since I got back to uni so another La Cachette post will just have to do, okay?! This meal was a good one though. It was my uni farewell and I made three very good choices, all of which were super delicious.

For starter I went for the salmon ballontine which I think is lightly cooked salmon (don't quote me on that) which was covered in herbs and served with creme fraiche. This was delicious and a really great starter. It was light so set me up for the meal very nicely and had so much flavour. The salmon was super duper soft with a great texture and the herbs gave it a nice taste. I liked how the creme fraiche was spread all across the place because not only did it make the plate look pretty but it was easier to add to the salmon than if it was in a lump. Everything was tasty, I can't sing it's praises enough, gorgeous!

I've never had lamb cutlets. Don't shoot me! It's just never come up. This dish was amazing. It was a shoulder and cutlet of lamb with carrots, onions, boulangere potato and pesto, sounds like a lot but it all worked so well together! The shoulder just melted in the mouth and the cutlets were insane! Perfectly cooked, soft and really really tasty. You'd think that the pesto (which is called sauce verde on the menu but it tasted just like pesto) would be a bit out of place on the plate but it completely complimented the dish! The carrots were tasty and caramelised and the potato were crispy on the top but soft underneath. I couldn't fault it, seriously amazing.

For dessert I wanted something a little bit lighter than a pudding or a cake so I went for the lavender creme brûlée. I was a little sceptical about the flavour of lavender but I have say I was very impressed. It was just a hint of flavour but it somehow made the brûlée mixture more creamy. Delicious! It was cooked perfectly inside and had a lovely crispy top. The dessert came with a chocolate sable. two short chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with a chocolate cream. This was the star of the show. Not too sickly but still chocolate-y and delicious, what more do you want!

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