Tuesday, 22 September 2015

University Week: Freshers Week

Well, well, well. Freshers week. Depending on who you ask it's one of the the best/disappointing weeks of your life. I loved freshers week. It feels weird to look back on it now seeing as though we were a group of people who barely knew each other that were dressing up and partying on down. It felt so easy at the time to just go into my new flat and be like let's go make potential friends but I don't think I'd ever be able to do it again! I was very lucky because everyone I met seemed to bond together really quickly and we all threw ourselves into the weeks activities so we all had a great time. Here are a few things that I learnt during my freshers that may be helpful for you!

Take plenty of fancy dress
I definitely wasn't prepared in this department. Trent's organisation of freshers was not the best. No one really knew what was going on each night and we were only told to have beach wear and army fancy dress. But when we got there we needed to produce various other outfits like a greek outfit. In the end I had to cobble something together with a white T-shirt and a belt. So my advice would be to investigate and see if there is a proper schedule of what you're going to need when and also to just take loads of fancy dress because trust me, you'll need it when freshers ends anyway!

Go in all guns blazing
This applies to everything. Meet everyone, go out every night to socialise and try a little bit of everything. I was told to keep my door open so that when people walk past they're more likely to stop for a chat and it makes you look friendlier (even if you're not!).

Be yourself!
It may be the most obvious and cringe-worthy thing to ever say but it's so true! Why would you not be yourself! If you go in and pretend to be something you're not then people will see right through you and they'll probably think it's weird when halfway through you year you have a sudden personality change!

If you find yourself really not enjoying freshers week don't worry, it gets so much better in your second year (and hopefully EVEN better in the third!).

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