Friday, 7 August 2015

Florida Round Up #3

Animal Kingdom
Arrived bright and early. Had second thoughts about going on expedition everest. Decided against it. Was told it was very good. Skipped to the lion king show. Was insanely good. Fast passed to the rapids ride, which was a good job as it was very busy. Would have been a disaster without the ponchos but it was all fine. Good fun. Waited for the flights of wonder show. Became one of the highlights of the day. Very funny and cute. Then it was time for the safari trek. Elephants on the trail meant the ride was closed. We found out after a 30 minute wait. Great. Torrential downpour meant we headed home early.

Great day. Went to world showcase. Didn't open until 11. Test track. Really good, one of the best rides of the holiday. Time for the showcase. Boat ride in Mexico. Wander around Norway. Visit the sights of China. Get festive in Germany. Watch a gondola man in Italy. Get patriotic in America. Peek at Aladdin in Morocco. Have a browse of the shops in Japan. Eat a crepe in France. Meet Pooh and Tigger in the UK. Buy an ice hockey shirt in Canada. Overall it was one of my favourite days!

Woke to rain (spoiler alert, it rained pretty much all day). Went on the Atlantis log flume. It was great because getting wet wasn't a problem. Lots of fun was had. Shows were the name of the game. The dolphin show was followed by sea lions, pets doing tricks and Shamu. The sea lion show was my fave because it was funny and didn't have depressing music about being 'one ocean' (sorry Shamu).

Hollywood Studios
Returned once again to finish everything off. I'd defs recommend One mans dream which is Walt Disney's life and is a gallery with a film at the end. It was interesting and lovely I loved it. Lights, motors, action show next and that wasn't really my thing. I did appreciate the appearance of Lightening McQueen however. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It was okay (he he he). It was seriously good and I'd love to see it again.

Magic Kingdom
This time it was a night time visit and it was really busy. So busy that they kept the park open for an extra hour. We beat the 115 minute queue for splash mountain with our fast passes. I loved it so much that I would defs go on it again. Haunted Mansion time and I was not looking forward to it. The queue was awful as everyone was squashed together and it was such a hot day. The ride was okay and different. Parade time! We couldn't really see the parade but I loved the fireworks and especially the disney music.

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