Tuesday, 21 July 2015


This is a bit of an usual post for a Tuesday but it's also quite exciting. I was contacted by the people at Naanster to see if I would review some of their products and I was all for that so fast forward a few weeks and here we are. There were three flavours that I received, I think that there might be a vegetarian one as well, and they were balti chicken, chicken tikka and beef madras. The concept is that they are a quick snack, or lunch which is when I had them, that are easy to eat on the go. All you need is a microwave (I know that sounds a bit weird but what I mean is that you don't need a plate or to assemble anything) and in 90 seconds you have a delicious curry wrap. Inside they have the main curry with rice and mango chutney all handily wrapped in a naan bread.

My favourite out of the bunch was the chicken tikka one because it was packed full of sauce and flavour. None of them were particularly spicy but this one didn't have much if any which I was totally fine with. As soon as I took the first bite I could taste the mango chutney and it was delish! I think that the sauce made it. It wasn't too much that it dripped out of the sides, which is actually true of everything because it's really easy to eat and nothing awkwardly drops out. Some of the things I found with all of them was that there were random peas in it, and when I say random I mean that there were about three in every wrap. To me there wasn't really any point in them being there. The chicken balti wrap was a lot like the tikka one but it had less sauce and a little bit more of a kick to it. The beef madras one was very nice and definitely the spiciest of the bunch. What I found that it lacked however was a change in textures as the mince was the same as the rice, etc, whereas the chicken ones had a lump of chicken which made it more interesting to eat. The naan breads are the unsung heroes of this product. They hold everything but  are super soft and doughy in the centre which is what I think a naan bread should be like. The only problem was that because they were folded over the part where the folds connected were very thick and became very hard in the microwave which were a bit stiff to eat sometimes but weren't too last.

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