Tuesday, 4 August 2015

George's! (Take Three)

Another trip to Nottingham means another trip to George's to introduce more family members to its foodie goodness. And the exciting news was that they'd changed the menu slightly so I could try something completely different. I even went for a different pudding (I know, no doughnuts!).

For my main I went for the beef bourguignon pie with roasted shallots and chips. It was delicious! The top of the pie looks a bit weird because of the shallots but they were very tasty and sweet. The pie filling was really flavourful and full of sauce. There was so much meat which was great for the size of the pie and the price and the shortcrust pastry was so delicious and there was just enough of it. The chips, as always were fluffy and crispy and perfect and the portion size of the whole meal was perfect. I seriously don't think that I'd be able to finish a full portion though as I've always had a lunch portion.

This very weird and wonderful creation was a nutella and banana sandwich and I don't know how I feel about it. It was basically nutella and banana, in bread and then deep fried. When I got it I was definitely surprised, I didn't really know what it would be but I didn't think deep fried bread would be part of the equation. The filling was very tasty and I could have that by the bucket load but I don't think that the bread was really my thing. The blue banana ice cream was really the star of the show. It was just a banana flavour but it was nice and cooling and I think that the next time I go I'll just have that with heaps of cream on!

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