Thursday, 23 July 2015

How to: Makeup Storage

I've never done a makeup storage post before and when I was thinking of ideas for these Thursday 'how to' posts (which at the minute are few and far between) I thought that this would be the perfect time. It's taken a while for me to get my storage to get to a place where I can get to everything easily and use it all. I don't think that I've got that much stuff, but this kind of thing is quite subjective, but storing it in this way instead of just lying in the bottom of a drawer is much better.

The base of my storage is a drawer, whether it's at uni or at home it's always stored in a drawer of some kind, and it has to be a largish one otherwise it won't all fit. To put all of my products in I use small gift box type boxes that fit in the drawer but are big enough to fit in all of the makeup items in. I played around with what was in what box before I was happy with it. For example the concealers were where the lipliners are now but it just didn't work because some were smaller and kept falling into the box and were hard to get at. The lipstick holder is the bottom of a Mac gift box and I really like the way it looks now it has more lip products in. When there was less of them it didn't work as well because they used to fall over but now they're packed in they don't budge.

Lip products and powder
Blushers, bronzers and Mac paint pot
Eye pencils and eye brow pencils
Brow mascaras, mascaras and eye shadow sticks
Foundations, primers and lipliners
Pigments and cream eyeshadows
Single Eyeshadows
Eye shadow palettes

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