Tuesday, 28 July 2015

La Cachette! (Take Five)

Guess who's back, back again! You know you love it and just because I go to the same place doesn't mean I don't try to have different things, I do try! This time round there were some particularly yummy things on the menu and it was quite hard to choose what to have.

For starter I went for scallops with asparagus, jersey royal potatoes, a bacon crumb and a hollandaise sauce. I'm always loathed to go for the scallops because on the early bird menu it's a £3 or £5 surcharge I can never remember which I think is a bit excessive. But when I have it I'm always glad when I do because they're so delicious! This time round I got three huge scallops which were cooked beautifully and were soft and tasty and the bacon crumb was delicious as well and went really nicely with the scallops. I don't like jersey royals so I left those but the asparagus was nice and I like the fact that they were thin sticks as I normally have big, fat pieces of asparagus. The sauce was incredible! Creamy and tasty and it really brought everything together. Portion size was perfect and I couldn't fault it, other than the potatoes which isn't really a fault just because I don't like them.

My main was lamb epigramme with dauphinoise potatoes, pea puree, pimento and capers. This was super delicious but I think that I'd have preferred it as a starter rather than a main, I don't know why but I just do. The epigramme itself was like a fishcake but with lamb, shredded lamb coated in breadcrumbs. It was really nice but a little dry so I'd have preferred a thicker sauce to go with it. The potatoes were delicious! Crispy on the top but soft and buttery and they went really nicely with the lamb and moistened it up a little bit. The pea puree was very good and the was plenty of it. I've never properly tried pimento (pimentos, I have no idea) before and I was a real fan. They were vinegar-y and added a different flavour and texture to the dish which went well with the lamb.

Chocolate moooooousse! Loved this! To give it its full name it was a chocolate and salted caramel mousse with creme fresh jellies and roasted banana. The chocolate mousse was really creamy and full of chocolate flavour. When you hit the centre there was a soft salted caramel centre which went perfectly with the chocolate and there was just the right amount, except there was more mousse than one person could handle. If it was half the size then the portion would have been perfect. The banana was sweet and it had crystallised on the top so it had a crunch. The texture of the jellies was interesting and I liked the inclusion as it was a fresh yet creamy. I'd definitely polish this off all over again!

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