Monday, 3 August 2015

My Life Essentials

There are some things in life that I just would not be able to live without, and I'm not talking family or anything like that but I mean really stupid things that no one needs in life but that I seriously DO NEED. So here is a list of things that if I didn't have for some reason I might die, seriously near death at least.

Costa Card
My life, my literal life. Since I got back from university I have been going to costa pretty much everyday, and if not everyday at least five times a week. It's a problem and an addiction but something that makes it worth it is my costa card. I may be spending 90% of my money on coffee and cake but the fact that every so often I can get it for free makes it worth it (that makes no sense but I get what I mean). It's such a shame that my SU coffee shop doesn't accept the card, then my life would be complete.

I wear eyeshadow everyday and if I didn't wear it I'd feel so naked so that definitely makes it an essential. It doesn't have to be a complex eye look all the time, especially now that I have my Kiko Eyeshadow Sticks so that I can just sweep and go. Recently, liner has been a big thing as well but if I went out of the house without that on it wouldn't be the end of the world. Also the Mac 217 brush can come under this category as well, I don't know what I ever did without it!

Cotton Pads
Without cotton pads I would literally be lost when it comes to skincare. I go through them like it's nobody's business and I especially love the large ones. I bought large ones just randomly one day and I've never looked back. I use them as is with my Garnier Micellar Water to take my makeup off and then rip them in half to use my Nivea Toner. I go through much less of the large ones but I still get through them at a stupid pace. Without these my skincare routine would be non-existent and I'm not going back to wipes. Essential.

I don't even want to joke about ever losing my laptop. Anyone that knows me knows that this is literally my life. It goes with me pretty much anywhere, to the point that if I'm going to the kitchen to cook food I'll take it with me or if I go to the toilet it joins me. And I never shower without it. I watch videos and TV on it, blog on it, shop on it, do work on it, google the day away on it and it is literally my baby. It may have been expensive but it's money well spent.

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