Friday, 7 March 2014


This year, I decided to take on the challenge that is lent. Now I've tried it many years before but have always failed by about day three, so this year I'm determined to succeed! I have given up....sausages. Bit of a weird one but I literally have a sausage sandwich at least three times a week and I'm pretty sure thats not very healthy. We're three days in now and so far I've only had about 10 cravings, which for me is not that bad!

This year I found out that during lent Sunday is 'feast day' which means that you can eat or do whatever you've given up on a Sunday which is kind of what made me do it. However, I've still not decided if this Sunday I'm gonna have sausage or see if I can last longer without it, we shall see...

Writing this has seriously made me crave a sausage sandwich now...AHHH I did not think this through! I'll keep you posted on how long I last, bye!

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