Friday, 28 February 2014

Organising my life

Something I've never been very good at is organisation. My memory is seriously shocking for a 19 year old and can only seem to remember quotes from TV and films. In high school I was the one who never seemed to know what we had to do when and only ever used their planner for doodles.
This year my New Years resolution was to 'organise my life' and I felt determined to succeed! I've tried to do this before but it was always at the start of the school year and only ever lasted at most 3 weeks. To make sure I do everything I can to stay organised I use various different things to assist my memory and I thought I would share those with you!

Before the start of this year I bought this organiser from WH Smiths for £10 and this was the start of the NYR. My thinking behind buying this was that if I got an organiser on with something cute on the front it would make me want to use it more, I don't know to me it makes sense! It has 5 different sections, diary, special dates, projects, to do lists and notes which I think is really handy because it sections everything off so I know where everything is. At the back there are also spaces to write addresses and there are stickers in the front...stickers!

 As well as my organiser I have a blackboard and a whiteboard in my room so I write reminders and a to do list on them to assist my appalling memory!

Recently I've been using this little brown notebook from Paperchase to write down things that I need to do on that day and then I can write the things in the actual book. Juts explaining it then it doesn't really make sense but it does to me. It's just another way of making sure that I remember to do things!

So with all of these things I should be able to achieve my NYR but if things do go downhill I will let you know, but fingers crossed!

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