Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What I bought after my birthday

So if getting presents for your birthday isn't enough, does anyone else get the urge to go out and buy even more things? Because I know I do! I didn't go mental because I got so many amazing things for my birthday that there wasn't much that I needed to buy but there were just a few bits that I fancied. Also in this post I was feeling soooo adventurous that I made a video to go along side, I know i just do too much!

Here are all of my purchases, don't they look purrty! As you can see I didn't go too mental on my poor little purse, but I think my HMV bill was a little pricy.

So this is what i got from Paperchase, I went to the one in House of Fraser and I'm kind of glad because I literally could of bought EVERYTHING in there it's all so good! The first item is a little owl pass case which is super cute. Because my student card gets me into some of the buildings around uni it's a pain having to tug it out of my purse every time I want to use it so I thought this would be useful. The second is a little travel contact lens case and I thought that this was such as good idea so i fill up the little pots with solution and if they're bothering me throughout the day I'll be able to take them out and they won't die and dry out. And finally I couldn't go into paper chase without buying a notebook so I just got a little brown one that has a mix of normal white pages and darker brown ones which I thought was cool.

I knew when I got my birthday money that there were some DVD's that I wanted so I hopped on over to HMV. The fifth estate and Sherlock were the main ones that I wanted but when I was about to pay I had a bit of a stupid moment where I thought "What if the guy behind the till thinks I'm a right Benedict Cumberbatch freak, I'll have to buy something else to balance it out." Yeah, I even surprise myself sometimes, but I have wanted to watch the Silver linings playbook for ages so it wasn't a waste of a purchase.

And that's what I got with my birthday money. I've still got a little bit left but I won't be buying anything exciting, probably just costa! So I hope that you enjoy my little video experiment because I am so chuffed with myself! Bye! 

(The video quality is better on the YouTube version, don't ask why I think it's just having a moment.)


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