Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What I got for my birthday!

I'm just going to quickly move on from the fact that I completely failed at the photo challenge so yeaa...

Last week it was my birthday! Woo 19, what a great..age? Anyway, I got soooooo many AMAZING presents!! I'm so lucky for everything that I got and they are all things that I love!

These are all my beautiful presents! Eeeeeek it's so exciting! Here's a run down on what I received:

  • A heart shaped blackboard
  • A snuggly bear called Grant
  • 12 Millies cookies (12. 12!)
  • A bracelet, a soap, an owl keyring and a soft green heart
  • Champneys washy smellys (mmm...)
  • War horse DVD
  • A wreck the journal
  • 4 nail varnishes
  • Derren Brown tickets!

I painted my nails this colour last night and it's so pretty and really shiny. Fingers crossed it doesn't chip for a while because I really can't be bothered to repaint them!

I think that this many be my favourite present. Derren. Brown. Tickets. I cannot even explain how excited I am right now and how much I'm trying to hold in my excitement. I still haven't decided if I would watch to catch the thing he throws and go up on stage but I've got plenty of time to decide.

So another birthday over I'd like to say thank you for all of my presents! Now time to spend the birthday cash!

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