Sunday, 2 February 2014

Day 2 (so far going well!)

We made it to day two!!! I think a congratulations is in order *pats back*. I'm feeling pretty positive today, had a good browse round the shops and a hot beverage, what could be better! Still on my reading week so another lie in tomorrow and then it's only one more day until a little visit home hurrah! February is THE month!

            Day two: Favourite

Since 'favourite' is such a broad thing I went for a favourite in the sense that I appreciate this the most...fonts. I do love a good font which is why on my whiteboard I decided to go a bit font crazy whilst trying to achieve my New Years resolution of organising my life. I also though that I could go through some of my favourite things (at the minute, it rapidly changes).

Favourite colour-Green! (Forever and always)
Favourite film-War Horse (This is only because I watched it yesterday and I am becoming slightly obsessed...)
Favourite TV programme-Sherlock (Just a little bit too obsessed, don't judge)
Favourite animal-All of thee above (SO CUTE!)

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