Thursday, 2 July 2015

How to: Work Experience

If you didn't know I'm doing work experience (because I don't mention it enough!). So I thought that I'd compile this handy little how to so that if you go on work experience then you'll be prepared because I don't think I really was.

1. Suitable clothing
Before I started I literally had one pair of smart black trousers and a couple of shirts. It was getting to the point where in my second week I'd exhausted my smart wardrobe so much I'd worn everything three times. I still only have one pair of trousers but I now I have a selection of long and short sleeved shirts as well as a couple of skirts. I'd suggest having one pair of smart black shoes and the a smart pair of sandals, something that I currently need in this stupid heat!

2. Take makeup with you
These past few weeks have been the prime opportunity to test out some long lasting makeup products so I've been testing out primers and eyeshadow sticks to see which stays on my face the longest. But the reason why I'm saying to take some makeup with you is not just in case you get a bit shiny or some concealer rubs off but because anything could happen. For example, last week my dad was driving me to work experience and I was drinking a smoothie in the car. The smoothie had frozen a bit and was really thick and hard to get out. Cue an awkward brake along with a big attempt at getting out smoothie and what do you get? Smoothie all over the face. Then follows having to wipe all of my makeup off and now having anything with me to reapply. Don't make the same mistake I did, take makeup with you...and don't drink smoothies in a car.

3. Prepare
Make sure you know what you need to do with your work experience before you go. In the sense of if you need to log it, like I did for uni, and if you need to get a form signed. It took me until my second week to find out where I needed to log my work experience and then it needed to be approved. Also I've only just found out where the appraisal form I need to get filled in is, and I finish next week. Don't be like me, be prepared.

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