Thursday, 18 June 2015

How to: Kick a TV Addiction

If you've read my blog before then you'll know that I have a serious problem when it comes to TV. Binge watching a series a night to getting so obsessed with a weekly programme I just can't get enough and I think it's time for it to stop. So, in the true 'how to' style this is how to kick a TV addiction (that was very TV presenter-ey). If anything this post isn't about helping you, it's really about helping myself, because I seriously need the help.

Step one // Pick up a book
I watch TV all the time, and when I say all the time I mean all the time. I take my laptop everywhere I go because if there's no one to chat to then I'll sit and watch something, even if it's just going downstairs to make a cup of tea. So, instead I'm going to start reading more, at night and during the day because at the minute the only time I'm not looking at a screen is when I'm asleep, and even then there's something on in the background! By reading a book, especially before bed, I'm hoping that it relaxes me so that I'll go to sleep earlier, because everyone knows the struggle when you're in the middle of a series and 'one more episode won't hurt' turns into a three 'o' clock binge sesh.

Step two // Limit the programmes
This is especially relevant in Autumn when all the really good dramas start. From September until January I get so bogged down with the amount of programmes that I need to watch and catch up on that my social life definitely decreases. Yet when it comes to Summer, so right about now, there isn't as much to watch and my body gets withdrawal so I tend to re-watch the programmes from Autumn. Now to not put so much strain on my social life it makes sense to not watch some of the shows as soon as they air and leave them for me to watch about six months down the line, that way I won't be overwhelmed in September and I won't be deprived in the Summer. Sorted!

Step three // Don't Google!
Part of my problem is that when there's a programme that I really liked, and when I say really liked I mean REALLY liked, I delve into that world like no other. For example, after I'd binge watched all five seasons of pretty little liars I became so obsessed with the cast that I followed them on Instagram, Twitter, looking daily on Pinterest at their makeup looks and watched YouTube videos of interviews with the cast, behind the scenes, etc. Now that is a girl with a problem. So from now on there is no googling allowed as it just makes the obsession and addiction worse because when I see photos and videos (especially of the PLL cast) I get the overwhelming urge to re-watch all of the episodes. And come on now, I just don't have the time to do that again!

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