Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Las Iguanas! (Take Three)

Back to Las Iguanas I went for a friend's birthday meal (I love this time of year, everyone seems to have a birthday and it's just an excuse to go out for food). I think that they've changed the menu from the last time I've been and streamlined it because the selection was very limited and I found it quite hard to find something that I actually fancied eating. I had a very nice experience but the service at this restaurant (we went to the Nottingham one) was very slow. It took an hour between our main and dessert and by the time they came to take our dessert order we were a little bit over it. That aside the food was lovely so let's get into it.

For my main I finally settled on the South American Dream which was a beef burger with an array of different sauce inside it. There was a tomato and guacamole creamy sauce, pesto and chimicurri slaw on the side. The burger was very nice but I have to say, there were so many sauce inside it and it was still a little dry. I'm glad I ordered a side of aioli because not only was it delicious, it made the burger less dry and more delicious. The curly fries were absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't get enough of them, especially with the aioli. The coleslaw was very nice and moistened up the burger even more and was super tasty. The portion size was perfect and I finished every last bite.

For dessert, even though in the end I wasn't really feeling it, I had the vanilla cheesecake. It came with a dulce de leche sauce and roasted macadamia nuts and I have to say that without these two things it would have been nothing. The cheesecake alone was very bland and had a lot of the cheesecake filling in comparison with the base, but the sauce was delicious and the nuts stole the show! The portion size was good but as I said I wasn't really feeling it and there was too much filling and not enough base, which was a shame because the base was delicious, buttery and the biscuits crumbs melted in the mouth. If I was to go again I'd be tempted by the chocolate cake as on the menu that sounds delicious! Overall a good visit and I had a good time with friends but not my most favourite Las Iguanas visit ever.

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