Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to: Get Over the Uni Blues

It's getting that point with most students now, it's been a nice time off but a good night out on a random Tuesday night wouldn't hurt. Then you realise that there's still three months until it's time to go back and that's when the sadness sets in. But no need to fear! I have a few handy tips to suppress the uni blues and make it so you can last until September without have a mini melt down.

1. Keep busy
Since I finished second year I've been kept busy with work experience and to be perfectly honest it's been great. It's meant that I haven't even had time to think about uni and all that jazz. If you feel the uni blues looming and you don't have a job try keeping yourself busy by planning to do something everyday. It doesn't have to mean going out, it could be a film day, anything to keep busy.

2. Look at photos
This is a great one. You may think that looking at photos makes it even harder but by remembering all of the good times and happy memories there's no need to be sad that you're not there living them. Videos are also another great one, especially if they're hilarious night out ones.

3. Organise a meet up
Even if you live oceans apart you could still find a way to meet up with your little uni family. By organising a get together it shortens the time gap that you'll all be apart and it'll be as if you're all still back at uni. Also visiting other people's towns is fun, see how the other half live!

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