Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This was a beautiful thing.
At the moment, myself and the Nottingham Crew are trying to have at least one meal in most of the Notts eateries before we sadly leave in June next year. They're currently adding more places to eat so soon we'll have lots of choice but at the minute we're working with what we've got. Reds has been opened for a little while now but I've still not had a chance to try it out so we put it in the diary and off we went. They have quite dark, 'rocky' vibes which is pretty cool and the table we sat at looked like a giant desk with drawers in the top. It's one of those typical cool places and the decor really fits the food that they do.

The menu was full of loads of different things but I went for the Pulled Pork Switch with skin on fries and onion rings. I'll get the bad bit out of the way first, I didn't like the onion rings. They didn't have much onion in and what onion there was had been deep fried so much that it was non existent. But everything else was literally amazing! Normally with this kind of thing it's all bread and no filling but there was the perfect amount of each. The flavour of the pulled pork was intense, sweet, and slightly barbecue-y and I loved it! The coleslaw was creamy and a nice contrast to the meat and the bread was sweet so added a little something to the overall flavour. The chips were delicious, and I only like a certain type of chip, soft on the inside but super crispy on the out, and they had a nice, well seasoned flavour. The portion size was perfect and I'd happily go back and have this again plus try other things from the menu. Loved it!

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