Friday, 30 October 2015

Skeleton Halloween

Halloween is just one day away and I'm back again with another last minute option to look semi-good this scary season. I like this as I think that it looks pretty complex but takes 20 minutes max. I basically just did it over my normal makeup with winged liner on the eyes. First things first, I got up a picture on pinterest of someone that drew something like this on their face and basically just copied that. There were some really easy ones but there were also some really hard ones so if you're feeling ambitious maybe try out something daring! Then pretty much all I did was draw the outlines of the shapes with a face paint crayon and filled in the dark areas with black eyeshadow. For any shading I went over the line with the shadow and carefully blended it out. The lips were the hardest part. Trying to make it not look strange over the lines was hard but after going over them a few times I got it to look half decent. I used a really shimmery white eyeshadow for the 'in-between' bits and I really like the way it turned out and the fact it gave an interesting, intense highlight. To finish it off I put on a purple lipgloss on the spare half of the lips to vamp everything up. There we go, see I told you it was easy!

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