Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to: Survive on a Budget

Budgeting is hard. Like seriously quite difficult, but if you think about it and really plan it out it gets a little easier. WHY IS BEING A STUDENT SO DIFFICULT! Over the past two and a bit years I've tried all sorts to get my budgeting in order and although sometimes they work, they fade over time. It's like vegetables, got to keep it fresh (wow, don't know what that was but it was awful, let's move on).

In my first year I pretty much had one bank account for my spending money, money from work and rent money, and I'll tell you now, it was hard to keep track. I had to write down every single penny I spent and took it away from the larger total and had to remember what number I was allowed to go down to before I started spending my rent money. Told you it was confusing. What I learnt from this was that it's much easier to work things out with many separate bank accounts. However it was good to write down what I spent because it would show me when to slow down with the spending.

I find it helpful to CONSTANTLY check my finances to make sure I'm not on a mad spending spree. But one way you can kind of go on a bit of a spree is if you get every single discount card you can, like me. I'm currently waiting for the perfect time to use my Boots points and when I do I'll have saved £20. Tell me that's not a good deal. Also if you are a student, not using student discount is criminal. Think of all the money you can save! Want that dress but slightly too pricy? Budget around it. As long as it's not ridiculously expensive and you can live from the remaining money I say go for it. Budgeting important but life is too short not to be happy, and if the dress would make you happy then I say do it!

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