Friday, 4 September 2015

Round Up #9: Oxford Trip!

This week has been a little boring so I'm going to dedicate this entire post to my Oxford Trip that I took last weekend. From Friday to Monday, this mini holiday reunited me with my university pals after what seemed like a long few months. Here are some of my highlights from the trip and what things I think you absolutely must do if you visit Oxford (coming from someone that's only been twice and for a few days so I wouldn't take it as gospel!).

Visiting the sights
If I ever visit Oxford again on a little mini break I'm definitely going to go on one of the open top buses. I think it would be the best way to see all of the beautiful buildings that the city has to offer. We wandered around some pretty streets whilst we were there and there is some gorgeous scenery so I'd really like to see it all if I could. One day I also want to go on an 'Endeavour tour' (they don't exist but hey ho) to see the filming locations they used in one of my favourite ever programmes, Endeavour.

Yes yes yes! This is definitely something that I highly recommend doing if you visit the city. It's basically like a gondola but instead of an oar type thing, it's a stick which you dig into the ground to steer and push yourself along. You can DIY it or get someone to do it for you but because we are a group of girls who like to live life on the edge (ha!) we did it ourselves. Not to toot my own horn but I was pretty damn good at it. It was quite hard at first but once you got the hang of steering it got a little easier.

Party Time
Quick mention to the night out we went on. Really good! We went to Bridge and it was a good night out. The problem is that I think that my clubbing days are over. The past two nights out I've had have resulted in me prematurely falling asleep in the club. One thing that this club did though was let me sleep, whereas if you ever go to Windsor they will try and kick you out, believe me! Oxford loves a snoozer!

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