Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Texas Roadhouse!

This post is the first in a line of America food posts and I know that I'm going to feel seriously hungry when writing all of them. Without further ado, her we go with Texas Roadhouse. The menu had a wide range of food items, from burgers to steaks and chicken so there is something for everyone. Drinks are free refills (on pop) and the service was top notch so I'd definitely recommend going here. It was one of my favourite places that we ate all holiday.

For starter we decided to go for the combo, that way we could try out a few different options and not be too full for our main (because these portions sizes were something else, as you'll find out later). The dish came with loaded cheese and bacon potato skins, rattlesnake bites, which were a breaded jalapeƱo and mozzarella mix, and spicy chicken pieces. This has to be one of my favourite dishes of the entire holiday. The chicken was nice but rather than blow your head of there was a little bit of heat and it went really nicely with the cool sour cream. The rattlesnake bites were a lovely little addition. They also had a nice heat behind them and were super tasty. The outside was crunchy and the inside was soft which was a nice contrast. The star of the show was definitely the loaded potato skin. I am totally not a fan of this kind of thing, I'm not normally a cheerleader for potato but the crispiness of the skin and the taste of the bacon totally won me over! I literally could not stop thinking about these things for the rest of the holiday, especially when we went out to eat. What a winner!

Southern Fried Chicken with mushrooms, onions, a cream gravy, chips and a sweet potato was on the agenda for lunch and boy was it delicious! It was weird and a really bizarre experience, but delicious all the same! The mushrooms and onions mixed with the cream gravy turned into a really nice mushroom sauce and went really nicely with the crispy chicken. Fried chicken is one of my guilty pleasures so this was right up my street and did not disappoint! It wasn't greasy in the slightest but was full of flavour and I would definitely have it again. The chips were a little bit too chunky for me but I enjoyed the crispier bits but the sweet potato was out of this world! Soft and sweet, I was in love. The only downside of this meal was the shear portion size. There was no way I was going to finish all of this. It tasted pretty amazing though, yum!

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