Thursday, 9 July 2015

How to: Warm Weather Face

I've been doing a lot of posts on long lasting make-up related topics lately but I feel like with this recent weird weather I've learnt a lot about my skin that I didn't know before. For the last few weeks I got myself into a good steady make-up routine that features products to help de-oil my face. All of this was going fine and not many touch ups were needed but in the last week my skin is having such a greasy moment and I have no idea why. When we had the mammoth heatwave my skin was just as normal but now when we've gone into what feels like monsoon weather it's gone completely odd. This means that I've had to figure out different ways to combat the grease.

First off I used tissue paper to blot away the oil every couple of hours. I know that in my how to: oily skin post (read here) I mentioned that I used blotting paper but I've lost it so toilet roll will have to do. My oil is the thing on my face that gets the worst so it's not a surprise that my make-up also lasts the least on that area too, 

Now we get into something that I am notoriously bad at...make-up touch-ups. I always forget to take top up products out with me and to be perfectly honest I just can't be bothered lugging something else around in my bad. However, I've been trying to take concealer and powder with me, concealer to cover any red patches where my foundation has rubbed off and also on any spots that the oil has cause and powder to de-shine the oily zones before they get too bad.

Something that is my absolute lifesaver on a daily basis is energising spray. I use the Body Shop Vitamin C one and it works wonders. Not only does it cool the face when it's a bit too hot it also calms down any oily areas and mattifys them slightly making it easier to apply powder. The best way to completely get rid of any oil (or at least most of it) is to use of all these things that I've mentioned. First blot your face with tissue or blotting paper, then spray it with an energising spray and finally do any touch-ups that are needed. This way you just aren't caking up your face by putting product on top of oil, you're making sure your base is clear.

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