Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Pudding Pantry! (Take Two)

Another day, another meal out, but this one is slightly different as it's not so much a meal as a glorified dessert. You may remember if you've read this blog for a while that a few months ago, I took a trip to the Pudding Pantry in Nottingham. It's a little cafe that specialises in all things pudding and the menu is literally to die for. I need to go more often because I literally want to try everything on the menu.

On this visit I went for the normal pancakes with bacon and maple syrup because I've seen pictures of them before and they look so good. You can add extra toppings to it like peanut butter and whipped cream but to me they're quite expensive at £1-£2 each,  but maybe that's just me. I was a little disappointed at the crispiness of the bacon (I like mine super crispy) but that is the only complaint. There were four pancakes, all fluffy and sweet and pancake-y, so good! There was plenty of syrup which is always nice and I just can't explain how good they were. The whole vibe of the Pudding Pantry is just really cute and although it's small inside it's a nice place to sit and chat. If your ever in Nottingham I'd definitely recommend (pretty sure I said that in my last post but it's just so good!).

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