Saturday, 21 March 2015


Time for another fancy dress theme and this week it's fairies! I went as a fairy in refreshers week and I enjoyed getting ready for it so much that I thought I'd bring it back. I like the fact that you can go really colourful and step outside of the 'norm', e.g the purple contour. Let's get cracking with the face!

I did my standard face routine and then got started on the crazy contour. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush and an Electric Purple MUA Eyeshadow I followed the line of my cheekbone and began to build up the colour. I went further down than I normally would and made of sort of triangle shape. I carried on the purple all round my hairline and blended it out to make it look soft. Moving onto eyes and I used my Sleek Bright Palette. I covered my lids with the white and used a light blue in the crease, but really blended out so that only a slight tinge can be seen. I then went in with the purple I used to contour with in the crease and slightly winged it out, blending again to make it soft. Now, this is where the glitter comes in. Any kind of glitter will do, mine was from a fancy dress shop. This is where you literally just go mad. Using pink, blue and white I covered my entire face practically in glitter, focusing mostly on the lids and as a highlight. In terms of brows I used an orange-y brown eyeshadow because I thought that it'd look different and 'other worldly'. Finally let's finish off with lips. I used the Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in First Date as a base and pressed the pink glitter on top. Super sparkly!

In terms of outfit I wore a simple vest top and a lime green skater skirt. The best part of the outfit was the wand and wings which I got from a fancy dress shop for £2.99, that's it! So cheap! I also wore a tiara, because I'm a princess fairy, and clipped my hair out of my face. This fancy dress is all about the face so as long as that's right the outfit doesn't really matter.

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