Thursday, 11 February 2016

21 Things for 21 Years

As my birthday is tomorrow (the big 2 1, woo!) I thought I'd share 21 of my most favourite memories from the past 21 years. So, in no particular order, here we go!

1. My 20th birthday meal at La Tasca- It was such a great night and a really lovely way to spend my birthday. It was me sharing tapas with my friends and it was so nice that it is one of my favourite birthday memories.

2. Florida holiday- If you've been reading my blog for a fair few months then you'll know that I went to Disneyworld Florida on holiday last year. It was such an amazing three weeks and a holiday that I won't forget in a hurry.

3. Watching Anne of Green Gables at my grandma and grandad's- I still enjoy doing this a lot. It's nothing too exciting, just nice cuddles on the settee for four hours with tea and biscuits. Snuggly times!

4. Just being at my other grandma and grandad's house- I used to love going round to my grandma and grandad's house. Have lunch, breakfast and lunch if it was the holidays and we went all day, make tents out of a clothes horse and chairs and just have an amazing time!

5. Refreshers week in second year- What a week. Go out, have a great time, come back, go to sleep, wander round town, come back and nap, go out again. Sorted!

6. Family parties- My favourite way to celebrate any family event. Food and fun board games are a winning combination.

7. Ocean Wednesdays- Who doesn't love dressing up as a unicorn or a robber or whatever and parade the streets of Nottingham like an idiot. It's my favourite night out of the week.

8. Trip to Las Vegas- My grandma and grandad took me to Vegas for my 18th birthday and it was seriously insane! It was the weirdest place but I loved every second of it and I definitely want to go back again some day.

9. Watching Nativity for the first time ever- I watched this for the first time with my friend Kelly and it was just a really funny night. Lots of random things happened, we watching the film, learnt the lyrics to the soundtrack and tweeted one of the people in it and got a reply!

10. High school sleepovers- Throughout secondary school we used to spend a fair few weekends sleeping over at my friend Hollies house. Fun times were had by all. We went to the park, played Band Hero and went into town the day after. Good memories!

11. Lanzarote holidays- I've been to Lanzarote 18 times. It's one of my favourite places and I can't wait to go again this summer. We eat at the same two restaurants, basically do the same things all the time and I absolutely love it.

12. Year three school trip- I once went on a school trip to an Anglo Saxon day and it remains to be my favourite school trip that I ever went on. It was an experience day where we lived like Anglo Saxons and we got to do so much that it has still stuck with me until this day.

13. Going to Barmouth- My year 5 residential trip to Barmouth in Wales holds some good memories. The main one being that the three of us that shared a room together got to stay in what we called the Penthouse Suite. Everyone else had normal rooms but we were on the top floor with two singles and a double bed with an ensuite.

14. Midnight feasts in the Lake District- The year after Barmouth we went on another residential to Buttermere in the Lake District. It was a really good trip but the best part was that we had multiple midnight feasts and one night all of the girls came up to our room. I don't remember what we did but I just remember that everyone was there!

15. Saturday teas- Saturday teas in my household are just really nice meals that we have on a weekend. One of my favourites is chicken with a mushroom sauce and a potato rosti.

16. Watching Pretty Little Liars- One of my main achievements in life is watching five seasons of Pretty Little Liars in two weeks. I know, my life is sad.

17. Dancing Shows- From the age of four right until I was 18 I danced and the best part of the year was doing dancing shows!

18. Going to Beth's house- The only thing I'm going to say is that fun things always went on at Beth's house!

19. Tour- Going on tour with university to Spain was such an amazing experience. A weird, blurry experience that I will never forget!

20. London Trip- In either 20111/12 me, my mum, dad and brother went on a trip to London. We saw all the sites, rode up and down the Thames in a speed boat and wandered around a food market. Such a lovely weekend!

21. The cruises- We have been on a few cruises in the last few years and each one have been amazing.

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