Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Loch Fyne!

I hadn't heard about Loch Fyne until I started university two and a half years ago when I passed it in the street. All these years later I finally got the chance to go and I have to say, it was definitely worth the wait. I went to the one in Nottingham (because that is my uni home) with my dad when he came to visit me last Tuesday. It was such a cute little restaurant, nice and light and airy and was buzzing for a random Tuesday evening. I really want to go back and try some of the other things on the menu but first let's go through what I ate last week. Enjoy!

For starter I went for the Crispy Sprats with a Garlic Aioli. One word, delicious. The sprats were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and not greasy which can sometimes be the case with fried, oily fish. I'm a big fan of aioli and it was creamy and full of a garlic flavour, just the way I like it. It went well with the fish and was quite light, as I think that sometimes dishes like this can lay a bit heavy. The pea shoots were a nice addition but didn't add too much in the flavour or texture department, but a garnish never does. Overall it's too thumbs up from me!

I went for something from the fish bar for my main. The fish bar is where you choose your fish and how it's cooked, two vegetable sides and a sauce. I went for the pan-fried salmon with chips, courgette fritters and a hollandaise sauce. Let's just get this out of the way, I didn't like the hollandaise sauce but that's because I realised I don't like the sauce itself, not because it wasn't a nice sauce, if you get what I mean. Anyway I was very impressed by this meal. The salmon was cooked perfectly and tasted amazing, the chips were crispy on the outside with a soft and fluffy centre. Who could ask for more! I've never tried courgette fritters but I really liked them. They weren't greasy and were quite tasty to say they were courgette and to me courgette doesn't taste of very much. Everything went together really well and in short I was very impressed!

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