Monday, 14 September 2015

Clinique Pop Lipsticks

I've been eyeing up the Clinique Pop Lipsticks ever since they came out. The packaging is stunning, the shade range is incredible and the reviews online could not fault them. With barely any money in my bank account and last minute shopping trip I took the plunge. I've wanted Melon Pop ever since I first saw them. It's the perfect nude-y peach that I didn't have in my collection. I'm totally in love with it. The picture below (that I posted on Instagram) is more true to colour whereas above it looks darker and pinker. This is my new Shy Girl, smokey eye lipstick favourite. I love the way it applies, it lasts a really long time and doesn't separate in a strange way on the lips. An all round, everyday winner! I did pole around the other 3 members of my family to see which other lipstick I should buy and it was a clean sweep, Poppy Pop. I don't have anything close to this colour or shade in my collection already and wearing it the first time was really stepping out of my comfort zone. I have to say it is now my favourite lipstick to wear, I'm obsessed. I love wearing it with a simple winged liner eye and I'm going to be posting that this Thursday so look out for it! I cannot recommend these enough and I'm tempted to just keep getting more and more shades. On a side note, the photo below has the highest amount of like by far of any of my photos, insane!

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