Tuesday, 2 June 2015


If you read my last (and very first) round up you'll have seen that I finally fulfilled my Nottingham dream and went to George's fish and chips. Let me tell you now, it was incredible! I'm pretty sure that it's just a Nottingham restaurant and the whole theme is by the seaside so everything on the menu is something that you could get at the seaside. Everything also comes on traditional fish and chip things, like the fish came on a plate but the plate was on a silver tray and it just looked so cute! Also on the mezzanine level there were little beach huts and it looked like you could reserve them and then eat your meal in a little hut, how cute!

Anyway let's get on with the food! We skipped starters and went straight onto the main and I thought I can't go to a fish and chip restaurant and not try the whole thing that it's based around! I chose the cod and I'm pretty sure that on the lunch menu they had both cod and haddock but I had no idea what kind I normally have when I get fish and chips at home. They asked me if I wanted beans with it so I said yes and the only gripe I have with this place is that they charged me £1.60 for the beans. I think that 1. Thats's a little pricy for a small pot of luke warm beans and 2. They should have said that it was going to be extra. Anyway back onto raving about this place. The fish was gorgeous, soft and tasty and the batter wasn't greasy and was nice and crispy, right up my street. Normally I don't like chips from the fish and chip shop but these were like a mixture of those chips and normal chips, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. To go with the fish they had a lemon and herb salt and it seriously make the fish lemon-ey and really added to the flavour of the chips as well. Overall this was super nice and I'd definitely have this again.

For dessert I had one of the best and most bizarre puddings I've ever had. Doughnuts with raspberry and chocolate dipping sauces topped with candy floss. What could be better? The doughnuts were warm, super soft and were falling apart (in a good way of course). Both dipping sauces were good but I think that raspberry comes out on top, it's a bit like jam but a bit like sauce, bizarre but it works. The candy floss was delicious as well and was a nice little addition to the whole dessert, but the part that touched the warm doughnuts crystallised and went a bit funny but luckily that didn't happen too much. I'm definitely going to have this dessert again when I go back (and don't worry I will be going back!).

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