Friday, 29 May 2015

May Favourites

This is the first in hopefully a long line in monthly favourites posts!  I think that by doing my favourites monthly rather than weekly it'll be a more accurate representation of what I've been loving over a long period of time, rather than just for that week. So let's jump into the faves!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
This has been such a good discovery this month. Pairing this with my next favourite is like my new fave makeup combo! I use it when it's wet and it does a really good job at making my foundation and concealer melt into the skin and really helps it to last all day. I'm finding that it's starting to get a little grubby and I have no idea how to clean this little sponge thing so if anyone has any ideas then please let me know!

L'Oreal True Match Concealer
I've professed my love for the foundation version of this little beauty on my blog before and the concealer does not disappoint. I got it as part of a 3 for 2 offer from Boots and just picked it up on a whim without really knowing much about it. I find that the coverage of this product is quite full and is able to cover up both blemishes and the under eye area with ease. I have the shade 02 vanilla and it is the perfect shade for me, I'm so in love with this product.

Eating Out
This month has been the month of eating out. I've been all over the place, both restaurants and cafes which means that in the upcoming weeks my Tuesday posts are full of good food, yay! I don't know where I think I've got all of this money from but recently I've been eating out multiple times a week. It's just so hard being in Nottingham and not wanting to try out all of the amazing places that it has to offer.

Tour de Yorkshire T-Shirt
This is a pretty random one but I got a little parcel through from home the other week and it contained this T-Shirt from my dad. I'm in serious love with it. Not only is it one of the comfiest things ever or that it's green but it reminds me of such a good day when I went home to go and watch it pass through the area near to where I live. Also I'm Yorkshire obsessed so it's nice to have a top to share that with the world!

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