Thursday, 4 June 2015

How To: Pack

This is the first post in hopefully a long line of 'how to's' on a Thursday on this blog. This little series will feature anything and everything, from subjects like today, packing, to maybe food related ones like how to make a cake. Who knows, the opportunities are endless! Anyway let's get into it!

I think that when it comes to packing I'm not too bad. Whether it's for a holiday or going to and from uni I don't think I do a shabby job. But there's one thing that I think is the deal breaker when it comes to a successful pack, lists. For a few weeks prior to the packing event I create a list and whenever I think of something that I need to take I write it down. By doing this as soon as think of something it means that I won't forget about it when it comes to packing later on. I also highlight all of the things that will be going in my hand luggage or in my bag if I'm going home from uni on the train so then I know what I'll be putting in more last minute.

If I'm packing to go home from uni I try to put all the things that come under one category in the same box, e.g. clothes will go in one suitcase, kitchen stuff in a box, etc. That means that when I eventually move back to uni I won't have to unpack the kitchen box and then repack it, I can just store it somewhere from June to September. Also I wrap my plates and mugs inside some of my clothes so that I don't need to use any newspaper or bubblewrap. My packing product of choice is definitely a box compared to a suitcase. I don't know why but I just think that it's easier to pack in a box and not have to think about overfilling it too much compared to a suitcase.

Hope that was helpful. I'm currently starting to pack up my room and the sadness is unreal. Also it's too hard I have too much stuff.

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