Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Road to University! Week Seven

Hola again! As if it's week seven! Time seems to be flying by but I don't seem to have done anything at all! Hopefully, since my course starts this week, I'll be given some work to do so I can do something other than have the urge to bake. 

So, today (Tuesday) I didn't have any lectures, or seminars or anything on at all so i took a walk into the centre of Nottingham, which basically means that I walked 2 minutes down the road to buy some mushrooms from Tesco and try not to buy excessive amounts of things I don't need in River Island. 

Oh, and Jameela Jamil
came to Oceana...
no big deal.
Today's day off, however, was a well deserved day of rest from yesterdays full on day! We were all sent out into the centre of Nottingham to ask random passers by what their opinions were on the George Osborne's new 'work in benefits' scheme. After about an hour things were going well, me and my partner Demi were halfway through the amount of people that we needed and we were feeling pretty good. Then, we were interviewing an 81 year old woman and about halfway through a man came up to us and started telling us how he hated journalists and that we were the 'scum of the Earth', etc. Demi continued to talk to the woman whilst the man was explaining to me how he had just been let out of prison...today. Yeah, this was when i started to get concerned. so after about a 10 minute rant he told me to follow him over to a bench, which I did because I was so creeped out, where he pulled out a chalk drawings. the first one he pulled out was of a dog and he said 'This is you, the journalist. A dog that just snaps at peoples heels trying to get the story, just talking rubbish...' cue him showing a picture of a rubbish bin. This was when things started getting too strange so we left him to it and went and hid in Primark.

I think that the moral of this story is don't talk to ex-convicts...yes it's that simple. See you next week where there may be more university related stories! 

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