Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Road to University! Week Four

So it's dawning on me that late next week I'll be in my new home with 5 strangers preparing to start a new chapter in my life. AHHH!!! I haven't decided whether I'm excited or nervous so I've settled on nervcited (which really should be a word!). 

This week has been all about the finishing touches. I've been buying the final things I need, finding out what I need to do the day I arrive and keep checking the 'congratulations' email to make sure that I actually have been accepted and that I actually am going to university! 

I realised that I'm buying all of these new things that I'm going to be taking but I don't actually know what out of my things I'm going to be taking. So I've been having a little thinkle and I still don't know! I want to take everything but I can't so I'm going to have to majorly cut down which is going to be hard. Something I'm going to miss from my current bedroom are my framed magazine collages so I've customised something I am allowed to take with me to remind me of home. My dad gave me this pen pot and it was clear so I just collaged a piece of paper and slotted it in. I think it looks really good (if I do say so myself!).

I mentioned in my first post that for my course I had to read at least two newspapers a week and keep up to date on the newsy websites. I think I've taken it a bit to the extreme. This picture shows this weeks bundle of fun which should keep me occupied for a few days! As well as these I seem to be forever on the BBC news and the Halifax Courier websites constantly pressing refresh. Safe to say I'm fully up to date with all things Syria.

Yesterday a little package of excitement came through my letterbox. Nottingham Trent university sent me all of the things I'll need to know for freshers and I'm starting to get super excited! I can't stop reading through all of the societies, freshers nights, trips, etc. EEEEK! If anyone else is as excited as me please let me know because I feel like an idiot typing the excitement by myself!

So, this time next week I'll be super nervcited! Hopefully this week I'll do something a little bit more interesting to share! See you next week!

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