Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A Little Pay Day Treat | Glossier Haul

I placed my first Glossier order when it launched in the UK last year. It was a modest collection of products, the Milky Jelly Cleanser and two Balm Dotcoms, to see what the deal was and if I wanted to test anything else out. Six months later I needed to repurchase a new cleanser and took it as an opportunity to go wild (well wild for me) and pick up a few extra bits. Anyone wanting a bit of a discount then here is my link, go nuts!

I'm in love with the Balm Dotcoms, like it's a serious bond. I have the Birthday one which I keep on my desk at work and the Coconut one that's in my skincare stash. I fancied another one to either go in my bag or next to my bed and the Mint one seemed like a good shout. I love this flavour so much. Not only does it taste and smell amazing (like all the Balm Dotcoms I've tried) but it makes your lips feel cold and tingling, a bit like a plumping gloss. If anything gives my bit of extra juice then I'm all for it! I think this is my new favourite out of the three I've tried.

Glossier Boy Brow. Has there ever been a more hyped brow gel (except maybe Gimme Brow)? I nearly added it to my basket in my last order but I'd recently bought a new Eylure one and, to be honest, I thought that £14 seemed a bit pricy for the size. But I took the plunge this time and went for Medium Brown shade. So far I am quite impressed. The colour is spot on for what I usually go for, dark but not verging on black.

The whole reason for this order was to repurchase the Milky Jelly Cleanser, my go-to second cleanse that is a dream to apply and seems to be working for my skin. There’s no way this is going to take makeup off, at all but after taking my makeup off with another cleanser I go in with this to get the remaining bits that might have been left behind. I feel like it moisturises my skin but doesn’t leave it feeling greasy and after getting used to the slightly strange smell (kind of floral) I don’t think I could live without it. 

Because I was ordering the Milky Jelly Cleanser I thought I’d take the chance to try the Priming Moisturiser and buy the Phase One Set. I’d heard that if you had dry skin then it’s not that great but as I have oily dehydrated skin I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve only been using it for about a week but I have to say I’m really liking it. It reminds me a bit of the This Works Camera Close Up Primer which I really enjoyed using but was just a bit expensive when I went to buy the full size. It’s moisturising but leaves skin tacky as well and makeup has been going nicely over the top. I did a blog test a few days ago and it got to about 1pm before I had to dab down my oily face which for me is pretty impressive. I’m looking forward to giving this more of a test. 

I’ve been meaning to buy an SPF for a while now but I’ve just been too lazy. I’d heard Lily Pebbles rate the one from Glossier, the Invisible Shield, so (like most of these products) I just added it to the pile. First off, I think it smells like a chocolate orange, anyone else? I'm totally into it and could whiff it all day. The packaging is great, one pump gives the right amount of product for me. And the consistency is spot on, not tacky like the Priming Moisturiser but it's not matte like a mattifying primer. This has really made me interested in trying out other SPF's to see how they do but for now I'm really liking how this one is working.

As I've discovered that although my skin is oily, it's also very dehydrated, I've developed a need for a moisturising mask. As my tester of the Oskia Renaissance Mask has come to an end, and is a bit too pricy to replace, I thought I'd give the Moisturising Moon Mask a try. I've only used it once so I can't give my full thoughts on it but it's a thick gel like cream that felt really ice when I applied it and gave my skin the plumping up it needed.

Is there anything else from Glossier that I should give a try?

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