Monday, 11 April 2016

Coming Into Third Term of Final Year

What I'm hoping to achieve this term:

  • Work my bum off to get the 2:1 I desperately want.
  • Although I want to work really hard I don't want to spend my final term consumed by work so I want to find a good work/play balance.
  • Visit the new doughnut shop in Nottingham (health kick will go well!)
  • Get a ticket to the final Ocean, I feel like I should really go this year seeing as though it will be the FINAL one.
  • Continue blogging even through the tough work times.
  • Get a job before I finish. Please employers, LOVE ME.
  • Not stress too much, The first night where I'm not waking up from fear of failure will be a good one.
  • Have a good time and go out with a bang!

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