Thursday, 7 April 2016

What's On My IPhone

When thinking of a new, slightly different blog post to write for my blog I realised that I've never delved into my phone. I'm just going to say now, don't get offended, but I don't use folders. I like all of my apps out where I can see them and I like all the colours on my home screen. I also have all the original apps on the bottom because they're the ones that I use the most. I have a few old games on my phone but I never seem to get rid of them just in case I want to play them again (which never happens). In fact there are plenty of apps that I used to be obsessed with that I no longer use, like Afterlight, the photo editing app. I even PAID for this one, I know tragic. I used to use this for all of my photo needs but now I just use the IPhone editing in photos. I think I need to get rid. Here are a few of my favourite apps at the minute:

Plant Nanny- My absolute favourite app of the moment. Basically it's an onscreen plant that you feed every time you have a glass of water. If you don't drink, you don't feed your plant and your plant dies. It's made me realise that I don't drink anywhere near enough the water I need to drink in a day so it's done wonders for my hydration. Hooray for hydration!

Merged- It's a very hard to thing explain but I'll try. It's a game where you have to match up numbered squares and score as many points as you can. Just trust me on this and download it because it's really addictive and fun!

Instagram- Instagram is my favourite of all the social medias. I could flick through the popular page all day and am not satisfied if I don't get to the bottom of my feed. I need to see everything. Cheeky plug my instagram is @abzisfabz and I'm always looking for new people to follow! My favourite things to see are pretty makeup posts, art and cooking videos and extremely cute dogs!

Any apps that you can recommend please let me know!

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