Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Afternoon Tea at The Spiced Pear

One of my amazing birthday presents from my parents was afternoon tea at the Spiced Pear in Hepworth near Huddersfield. Walking in it felt like a modern restaurant but the cups and plates were very 'cottage-y' which I liked a lot. There were three types of afternoon tea, the traditional one with sandwiches, scones and cake, the champagne one which was the same as before but with a glass of champagne and the gentleman's afternoon tea which had a selection of savoury treats instead of the sandwiches. I had the gentleman's afternoon with a glass of champagne and it was amazing!

So, the first thing I delved into was the scotch egg with balsamic onions. The two went perfectly together and as this was my first scotch egg experience I have to say it has set the bar high for future scotch egg endeavours! The meat was tasty and the egg wasn't overpowering, I liked it a lot. Next up was the pork pie with piccalilli. I'm a massive pork pie fan and I wasn't disappointed! As with the scotch egg, the meat was tasty and the pastry was the perfect thickness. I've never tried piccalilli before and I don't think I still know what it is but it was delicious and went really nicely with the pie. Bread and dripping was next up and yet another thing I've never tried. I think this is going to be one of my new guilty pleasures because it was so good! Basically it was bread with meat fat spread on it and it just tastes like delicious meat juices. It's probably very love it or hate it. Last but not least is the cream of the crop, a yorkshire pudding with beef, gravy and horseradish. Think of the most delicious roast and then put that into one single yorkshire pudding. Yeah, it was that good. The pudding was crunchy on the top and soft on the bottom, how it should be, the beef was tender and tasty and the gravy was thick and perfect. Amazing!

Next up are scones. They're pretty self explanatory. Soft and sweet with clotted cream and jam, what could be better. Also, let me know if you do cream first or jam first. I used to be jam but then I moved to cream because I find it easier to spread. Wow we are asking the important questions today! Moving onto the final layer of cakes. I had to take most of my cakes home with me because after the bottom layer my stomach could take no more! I started off with the strawberry mousse. Lovely and light it was very fluffy and creamy so a lovely palette cleanser before the hard core cakes! The passion fruit cheesecake was my favourite of the lot! The biscuit base was the perfect amount of buttery and crumbly and the main bit was super creamy with a delicious passion fruit jelly on top. I didn't eat all of my carrot cake but the bit that I had of it was very nice. It was like a standard carrot cake and was very delicious. The same for the Victoria sponge. Light and fluffy and amazing. Last but not least is a chocolate explosion. I don't know how to describe this but I'd say it was a bit of a chocolate tart with the same biscuit base as the cheesecake. The chocolate flavour was just the right intensity and the texture was a cross between a tart and a brownie, sounds weird but trust me it was delicious.

Another afternoon tea post will be coming soon as my amazing friends took me for another one the day I'm writing this post so stay tuned for that!

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