Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Chiquito's! (Take Three)

Another trip to Chiquito's! There's nothing like a friend's birthday meal to see the first term out with a bang. So without further ado let's jump straight into it!

I wanted to go for something a little bit different so I chose a barbecue chicken wrap with chips, salad and coleslaw. The chicken was cooked to perfection and had a nice crispy coating on the outside. The problem I found with it was that the barbecue flavour was a little too over powering. I'm not the biggest barbecue fan but I thought that it might just have a hint of the flavour. Some of the chips were nice but most of them tasted like rock hard, slightly off potato and I was not a fan. I think that I just got a bad batch. I LOVED the coleslaw, creamy and crunchy I could not get enough. The portion size was perfect and just enough to fill me up.

For dessert I had the chilli chocolate fondant which I had last time so if you want to hear my thoughts on that then you can read it here.

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