Monday, 21 December 2015

The Most Exciting Festive Bath Ever!

Beauty bloggers seem to have this complete and utter obsession with Lush, something that I've never really had. I've had a few Lush products but they were a few years ago when I couldn't really appreciate what was going on and thought that bath bombs were just something that turned my bath a cool colour (which is still something that's important to a degree). Because of my lack of Lush knowledge and the fact that apparently Lush brings great things out around Christmas I thought that I would trial some products, and boy am I glad that I did.

I knew that I wanted to get Candy Mountain because last year I bought the Snow Fairy shower gel and loved the scent. Candy Mountain has the Snow Fairy scent and is a Bubble Bar, something that I have never tried from Lush. If you are a Lush newbie, as I am, I'm going to say that they bubble bars are really hard to dissolve. You have to really massage the bar to get the bubbles going but once you get the rhythm it's really easy and totally worth it! It gave me plenty of bubbles and turned my bath pink, but to be honest it didn't stay pink for long. I don't know why I went for the Father Christmas Bath Bomb but I wanted something that was festive and a bit different, and I mean come on just look at his cute face! I was told by one of the staff that it had the same scent as Snow Fairy but that didn't matter when it got into the bath. I was expecting a bright pink but what I got from my little santa chum was a very festive green! Amazing!

I am DIEING to try more Lush products so if you have some suggestions please let me know because I am a complete newbie when it comes to things like this!

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