Thursday, 10 December 2015

Seven Swans a Swimming

I've never really understood a no makeup makeup look before until I did this to my face. When I planned to do this look I knew that I wanted to go very simple on the eyes, understated but great like a swan. I thought about going for the liner look but I've done that quite a few times already in this little series so I thought I'd use a little bit of black eyeshadow instead. I wasn't sure about this look at first but I quite like it. It's taught me that you can still put makeup on without having to go over board with the eyes. You learn something new everyday!

All of the eyeshadows I used for this look are from the Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette, ironic when this is the furthest thing away from a smokey eye! I started off by putting the shade Thirteen a pale white, all over my lid to lighten up my eyes. I then used the cool light brown shade called Combust in the crease, but only lightly as I wanted to keep the eyes quite bare. The last shadow I used (yes I only used three, crazy right) was Black Market, which as you probably guessed is a black. Not quite matte but also not shimmery, somewhere in between. I took this on a small pencil like brush and lined the top of lash line with it, focusing on the outer edges. This was the first look in these twelve days that I haven't used eyeliner in my waterline and I have to say I think that's what makes my eyes look bare. So all I did was finish off the look with mascara. 

I hope you like this one and the fact that it was something a little bit different for this blog!

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