Tuesday, 24 November 2015

La Cachette (Take Eight)

Another delicious meal once again from what I think I can now safely say is my favourite restaurant. I visited home the other week and I felt like the occasion needed to be celebrated with a meal at La Cachette. The menu has changed once again which I was please about as it means that I get the chance to try out some new things. Without further ado let's jump into it!

For starter I went a little bit out of my comfort zone and had a French Onion Tart. For someone that loves onions and pastries I'm surprised that me and this dish have never crossed paths before but I'm sure that after this we will again. I find that whenever I have onions at a restaurant they have a tendency to be pretty crunchy which I'm not a fan of but this wasn't the case for this dish. They were soft, sweet and very well caramelised and everything was delicious together. The inside was like that of a quiche so it was all very soft which contrasted very well with the crisp, buttery pastry. One thing that I wasn't overly keen on in this dish was the parsley salad as the flavour of parsley was a little bit too overwhelming. I did however like the red things (sorry I have no idea what they are but they were really nice, tangy but sweet).

I tried something I've never had before again for my main and had Hare Fillet with Cabbage and a Hare Leg Hot Pot. This was amazing! I didn't know what I was expecting but whatever it was it was surpassed! The fillet was a mix of liver and steak, cut like butter and melted in the mouth but still had a little something about it. I am in love. The leg in the hot pot was divine as well and was cooked to perfection. The potato on the top of the hot pot was amazingly buttery and crisp as well, I could have eaten twenty more! The cabbage was cooked to perfection and went really nicely with everything else on the plate. If I had one downer it would be that the hot pot was a tad orange-y but that is literally so minor in comparison to everything else which was stunning. My new favourite dish!

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