Thursday, 26 November 2015

Throwback Thursday

I thought as a little change from the how to's and just before we crack on to Christmas I'd have a look down memory lane and share some memories and also have a look at how much I've changed over the years. Let the cringing commence!

Let's start with the oldest picture, and my first ever Facebook profile picture, cheerleader Abz. Not my pom poms but was my bow tie number. This was taken when I was in year 7 and dancing in my first school 'gym and dance show' where I did a tap number. My friends were part of a cheerleading dance so I stole their pom poms and shook them as if they were my own. It was just before I had my hair cut into a bob and I don't think I'd got into foundation at this point, not too long though before the Dream Matte Mousse came into my life!

Who would ever think that posing for pictures with one of those kid's rides outside the supermarkets would be a good idea, oh yeah me. No idea why me and my friends thought that this was a good idea but we did and I like the photo so much that it was my profile picture on Facebook and I'm pretty sure Bebo for months. It was around my birthday and we'd just gone to Pizza Hut for a spot of lunch, so what better way to finish it off!

The pop art style picture sums up pretty much all the sleepovers I had in high school. Dressing up (to be fair the picture was halloween), singing songs into the webcam and chatting for ages with whoever on msn. They were pretty fun times and there are plenty more pictures where this one came from, *face palm*.

The two on the bottom left were taken in the Summer of 2011, with me going to prom and then having a great summer doing things with my friends. I have great memories of that time (including going to see the final Harry Potter and sobbing in the cinema). Another random thing that we did was go to the park and have giant photo shoots of us jumping in the air, doing the splits and doing whatever it is I'm doing in that picture. Weird! Also I'm pretty sure that top is see through too, winner all round.

The picture which looks like it's been doused in sunlight is possibly one of my favourite pictures of all time. I don't know why I love it so much but it brings back lots of happy memories. We were going on a shopping trip to Leeds, which seemed to be the in thing at 15/16, and as per we did a photoshoot on the train. The weather was really nice so I was wearing a strapless dress and I just remember that it was a really nice day.

Now, confession time, the last photo was the first time I ever got properly 'off my face'. It was in my first year of uni and it was our course's Christmas party. Needless to say I had way too much to drink and cannot remember 90% of the night. Those are not my reindeer antlers and I don't know who's they were. All I know is that I ended up with them. Don't worry I paid for it the next day, but I feel like we all bonded as friends that night and it was the start of a very drunken first year for us all!

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, slightly cringe but it was nice looking back at some of the good times I've had over the years. I also liked doing this slightly different post to normal!

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