Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Pizza Express!

Pizza Express is one of those places where I've been a few times but not one that I think about when I think of places to eat. Weird I know. I've been a couple times and never really rated it but this visit was surprisingly very nice! I'd choose a different thing to have for main but other than that it was a very enjoyable visit! Let's get into it.

For starter we all shared a portion of calamari, doughballs with cheese and brushed. They were all delicious and if I was to go back I'd happily have all of these again. The calamari was Bella Italia good, and if you know me then you'll know nothing beats BI calamari but this is definitely a close second. They were nicely breaded and perfectly seasoned with a great texture that wasn't awful and chewy that can sometimes happen to squid. The dip was great, I have no idea what it was but it went really nicely with the squid. I've had the doughballs before and liked them but the addition of the cheese really made a difference. It was a little strange in the fact that there was more cheese on the plate than stuck to the dough but with a bit of tactical dipping and sticking it was delicious. The garlic butter was nice and soft as well but there could of done with a little more of it. Last but not least is the brushetta. Slightly different to a normal brushetta it was on a giant doughball and was covered in onions, tomato and pesto. Everything was delicious. The dough was soft, the tomatoes were fresh and the pesto was really tasty and brought everything together. An all round fantastic starter!

For my main I decided to go out of my comfort zone so I chose the Autumno pizza which had chorizo, butternut squash, spinach and goats cheese on it. I came to the conclusion that I hate goats cheese, hate it. It tastes really weird and infects everything it touches. So it's safe to say this wasn't a great thing for me to eat but there were elements that were nice. The butternut squash was soft and sweet and the chorizo added a nice meaty flavour. The only other thing I'd say about this pizza was that there was a bit too much base and it was all a bit doughy but other than that it was nice.

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