Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to: Not Panic in Sephora

As you'll know if you read my sephora haul post (if not why not and still if not click here) I recently had my first ever american sephora experience and it was amazing! But I needed to make sure that I had sorted myself out and made sure that when I got there I didn't get overwhelmed and end up buying anything and everything that I ended up wasting my money. So, here are some tips on how to not panic and make the most of sephora shopping, especially if you're from the UK and this is a rare opportunity!

1. Make a list // I've said this multiple times, making a list is what will keep you on track when you're getting in a fluster over all the new products and pretty packaging. Try and keep your list realistic, look at what budget you have and try and keep to things you really want.

2. Do your research // For a fair few weeks before I was on YouTube and sifted through blog posts to see what people bought in their Sephora hauls and what products were their favourites. This meant I'd be buying products that people already like so they would be less likely to be a waste of money.

3. Get a basket and take your time // Do. Not. Rush. Wander around the store taking your time to look at everything because it can be easy to think "I'll have this and this and this...". If you have a scope around first then you can make a mental note of things to go back to rather than picking it up and filling your basket straight away.

Now you have these handy tips you can shop to your hearts content! Have fun!

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