Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Harvester! (Take Two)

Want a place to get some delicious food at low low prices? Wow, that sounded like a cheese-y advert but it's true. Harvester offers some pretty good stuff and is very cheap! I never really step out of the box when I go because I love what I have too much but the main meal is different to the last post I wrote about Harvester.

I went for the Southern Fried Chicken with chips and asked for it without peas and BBQ sauce but with peppercorn sauce instead. Because it was on the early bird menu everything was set so the sauce was extra but it was so worth it. Chicken and peppercorn sauce may seem like a very weird combo but it was delicious. It came with two chicken pieces which were really crispy and tasty and then a fair amount of chips. For me the portion size was perfect and I'm not bothered about random salad on the side because I just leave it anyway.

The dessert was the rocky horror brownie sundae that I had last time so if you want to read my thoughts on that then read this post.

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